Anyone? I was a big fan of the second one...

It's been months. I take that as a no.

BTW ... Just so that you can be all happy that you've waited months and finally gotten a reply to this post only to find a nonsense comment ... here's a nice smilie face to cheer ya up! :P

Now don't you feel just so much better?
Well, you should, if for no other reason than TechTalk is finally in Dan-style!

Nice new feature is that you can see a listing of all never answered posts (so they don't get buried as "easily") Also ... all posts you haven't seen yet since last visit :)

Hmm... yeah, no one responded. I guess they don't like video games. Either that or they can't read. ;)

I wish they brought back the series Street Fighter again. It's not as popular as it used to be. I used to dominate in Street Fighter Alpha III... and of course.... ahem.... Super Mario Kart. :D