Buenas gente :) My name is Julio, I'm from Argentina, and I found this site looking for a solution to a programming problem that I'm having (which btw I didn't solve yet, so probably I'm going to open a thread about it) and I really liked the style of this site, so I'm here to help with what I can, and learn from what I can't.
And about me... well, I'm 19, I'm studying Informatic Engineering, I play the guitar, I learned English by myself, so you'll probably see that it's not the best, anyway I'm trying to learn a little more every day...
Well, that's everything I think, see ya :)

Hey Julio,:)
Nice to have you here. Hope you're enjoying your stay here.
Please let me know if you need any help regarding SEO. I will be happy to help you.
Have a rocking time!
Enjoy your stay!


Your English is actually very good, going by the content of that last post...

Post a link here to the thread about your programming problem and i can take a look?

Thank you for your welcome!
First of all, I'd like to ask what does SEO mean (I don't know too many acronyms yet)
About my problem, I solved it before posting :) (Actually, I came to the solution while I was writing the post)
And btw, nice sig jbennet

It means Search Engine Optimization