I work at a transport company that my co-workers and I would like to see join in on the wonders of the 1980's. We use a lot of paper and ink (not to mention time) writting down stuff that a barcode scanner could do for us.
I got to sit in on a discussion between my boss, his boss, and an IT guy. After a lenghtly discussion, and a lot of evasive answers, the answer was that a scanner wont work. I spoke out of turn, (I was expected to remain silent,) and asked, "companies all over the world do this, why can't we?." He said that truckmate will not exchange information with other programs.
Truckmate is a freight tracking software. Does anyone have experience with this program? Can anyone tell me how to find info on it? I have found lots of sites telling me how great it is, but no real information on it's capabilities.
I know this is a specialised kind of question, and this may not be the best place to look for answers, but any help, or ideas on were to look for help will be very much appreciated.

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Ask your IT guy where the support contract for this program is placed.

What kind of program is it? It seems like it's some 40 year old DOS fossil from the way you describe it.

> We use a lot of paper
So your process is something like
- you write stuff on paper
- a typist transfers that to various on-screen forms of truckmate
- truckmate prints something

> He said that truckmate will not exchange information with other programs.
This is mostly bull-honkey
It's got input and output, so whilst it might be hard, I don't think it would be impossible.

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