Hi Everyone,

I am Koos 16 years old (almost 17) and amfrom holland.
I have a little ICT background, mainly hardware and a little photoshop and flash.

At the moment I follow ICT as a choice subject, and we are at the java language right now.

I have already made a small project in java, which is a letter counter (a box pups-up, you enter a word press the button and it tells you how many letters there are).

I'll be making some more projects for school but I am planning to make one on my own to contribute to a site I often visit.

Here is where I need your help, I use Eclipse to program java (what is in you opinion the best program to program in java?) and have of course installed the JDK.

But before i begin my project I'd like a confirmation that this is possible in java. I'll post the formula later because it's very late here. But it just uses many different variable inputs and basic maths such as percentage, division and multiplication.

i'm just starting out with programming which I want to learn better, that's why I joined. But I do have other hobbies :P

I like to game on my 360, I Kiteboard, do Kung Fu and love drumming.

Well that's me for now,

You'll be hearing from me ;),

Koos aka MrMackey

Hey ! Great to have you here :)

I use eclipse and I think it's great ..

It is very possible in java to program what you just mentioned ..
U need to use Java's Swing , Awt libraries and you can create boxes and buttons and everything else :)

Search for GUI tutorials in Java there is a lot online
Good luck,

Thanks for the libraries I need to use :)
But would you suggest I make a forum Thread about my project with updates and questions or make a blog about it?

And of course I will look up the online guides ;)


ps. I want to implement different data (different currency (Eur,Usd,Gbp) and pairs(EurChf,EurGbp GbpChf and UsdCad), and then all options possible,

from this tool, could that be possible or is it better to manually put in?