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Hey there forum lurkers - all you people who are browsing the site but still haven't taken a minute to sign up. I just thought it would be a nice idea to welcome you all to the forums. Why not drop us a line and say howdy here? Heck, you don't even need to register to reply to threads here in the Geek's Lounge forum! Go ahead, introduce yourself ;)

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Hi This ids Airman new to this forum. I need help at times on problems I create for myself and some I don't. I still don't know how to post my problems to this site, I do have a few questions . Well Hello to all...

Up Up And Away

If you can respond to this thread, you can post your own question! The same way you clicked the post reply button while visiting a thread, go up one level, visit a forum, and click the new thread button :)

sry csc, I just took a course on AI and studied it in a lot detail.
my statement "rightly, they have not been programmed to do so" clearly reflects that it IS possible, and infact I know its pretty easy to do, which makes your comment rather redundant :p

eh ;) I meant it as a joke, mainly

oh so u edited it. but i was quick to reply :p
it was a poor joke, inviting thrashing for you :lol:

Hi, I'm The Soundman. You may have seen me in such posts as "Philosophies on Theology?" and "The Word Association Game".

Today I'm here to tell you a little about me, and what I'm doing to make the world a better place... Oh, wait a second... (papers rustling in the background) Sorry, wrong speech.

Yes today I'm here to tell you a bit about how I'm going to eventually take over the world using several boxes of rubber bands, toothpicks and an avatar that looks like a small white mouse with a disproportionately large head.

Seriously. I just a semi avarage - abnormal Canadian with interests in home audio, video, and computers (when the damned things work), and a perculiar sense of humor which I'm not afraid to use to my (dis) advantage!

I also have a serious background in things like classical and post modern music, (everything from Peter Frampton to Dave Matthews) and anamation and science fiction (I spent a great deal of money aquiring the dvd box sets of the early transformers animated series)

I have dabbled in a fair bit, and I don't claim to know everything, (hey if I did know everything it would take the fun out of this place.) but as David Wilcox put it "I know a little." I also have to say I'm glad I ran accross the place. And the picture on the cover certianly makes the place look interesting. (ducks head just in case of random slap.)

Hear's to a long and happy yap attack. :cool:

Well it's been a long time but I am finally back. I told everyone, I think when I left, I need to get my life on track well it is on track.

So now I am at work and I will be going home soon I will be posting again just a matter of this week. Starting tomorrow you will see a lot of me & I will try to answer questions as well as post.

See you guys in a bit hope everyone had a good weekend.

Welcome back. So, are you a C++ guru yet? Remember you said you were going to take up the language like two years ago? ;)

Yep I know haha not yet but I am doing some hardcore batch programming. So far I am designing this program like a RISK process where the batch file runs a set of commands once it is finished it kills it's self and another batch file pickups the slack. That way it never crashes. I been playing with a lot of stuff at work learning a little bit of SQl/Oracle so databases kinda of getting the hold down on there power and what they can do.

But for the programming side I am learning slowly and I think maybe this year I will pick up the basics of it. But right now I dont know jack about programming in general expect cool little batch scrpits that page my pager then something is up. Those are my two cents I will be back talking more about programming this coming up week.

Well, I'm sorta claiming to be one of the first Unregistered posts in this thread. That's all I can say; met a few of you before, and that's it!
Oh, and please visit my site:

Hey, that's cool. That's what the Geek's Lounge is for! Enjoy, post, chat, and have fun. If you choose to register, it's free and instant.

Whoops keep forgeting to do this. Well I'm Redshift I found this forum through Dani's post on another forum. I live in Ireland where I work for the national Telco in my spare time I play around with computers and networking and such I also recently started a website and bulletin board for a voluntary organisation of which i'm a long time member. Thats about it i'm glad to be here it's really a great forum.



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