I am a young person who dropped out of high school(due to issues that were not related to grades or motivation) who is looking into the IT field as a career path in my future. I have some questions for the people currently in the field. I plan to get my GED, and go to a college seeking some sort of degree in the information technology field. Primarily I'm looking at Information Security, like 'Ethical Hacking' CISSP and things like that. I currently am teaching myself python, after seeing a book at a big chain book store that would help teach me it. So my questions for you guys(and gals) are...

What types of different degrees are out there for my interests, and what kind of schools, besides state universities, are there that I could get a respected degree from?

Like I mentioned before I am interested in Information Security maybe being paid to test for holes in security networks of companies(Like Ethical hacking or white hat hacking at least that's what I think they do).

So, what exactly would someone who does this for a living's job title be? And is it even a good career path? I understand that the Technology field is a very fast growing one and should be so for a while.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. If you know of a good site that breaks it all down, please post a link for me.

I am looking forward to all of your responses. Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope it wasn't a waste of your time.:)

Great Thanks,
Sam H.

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I am at home because i cant work on 6000-8000 bucks per month... I am a computer engineer....
Just think that you have done something and change field... plz ...
Dont be in wrong spirit like IT workers r getting a huge salary...
Ofcourse they gets good salary but 4 that purpose...

Criteria---> English medium school education-->No gap-->Continuous first class from 10 th --> Good aptitude(Questions r too interesting but u didnt get d anwser) ...--> you must get placed in the campus itself (Offcampus is like me 6/8/10)

Some peoples r lucky that gets placement ... But not 4 all

Now a days fields r also increased like BE/BCA/MCm/MCA/BAIT/BSCIT/crash cources/certificate programs/post graduate pgms...

Dude chnge da field

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