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cool. now watch this neat trick as I embed it right here:[youtube]25UJlRd3lKs[/youtube]

Game is again plagued by cheaters, Activision did not learned from their previous mistakes (since COD2)

cool. now watch this neat trick as I embed it right here:

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I only got Black Ops this week after a MASSIVE ROYAL MAIL FAIL prevented my pre-ordered from Amazon game from being delivered on launch day, or week for that matter, despite Amazon posting it first class on the Saturday before the launch day itself.

All of which means that I've only had time to get started on campaign and not even touched multiplayer yet. It will be a shame if the cheaters and boosters are still able to do their stuff from the Xbox - was hoping that Treyarch might have done something better in this regard than Infinity Ward ever did.

First impressions, after a snatched couple of hours play, very impressive and much improved (campaign mode at least) from MW2.

Then this will make you sad (specifically for xBox360)


Didn't your local WalMart sell it on the day of release? Mine did, but I don't know about UK stores.

Whats the fun in using aimbot!!! This was just released and yet the cheaters are taking over!:sad:

From what I hear, and I could be entirely mistaken, one of the main tools that Treyarch plans to use in stopping some of this is the theatre mode. I was told that reporting suspected cheaters might bring more results as they can review that player's matches in theatre to uncover any unseemly behavior.
As it stands, I have played mainly multi-player since launch, and have not noticed any of this yet. Not that I don't think that it exists, but so far it doesn't seem to be as prevalent as MW2. Either way developers are fighting a losing battle in that whatever techniques they use to limit this behavior will simply cause small delays for the people willing to invest time and money into providing sub-par players with hacks.

People can say what ever but Battlefield - Bad Company 2 was far better of against cheaters then any of the COD games since COD:UO. Nothing make you feel better then seeing message "XYZ banned because of ABC tool/cheat used" :twisted: Although I do not say that there are some cheats that made into game, but with admin around they are dealt swiftly.

its soo shit

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Didn't your local WalMart sell it on the day of release? Mine did, but I don't know about UK stores.

Yes, but I'd already pre-ordered it for delivery on launch day. When it didn't arrive I expected it the next day, then it became obvious it was lost in transit so I went and bought a copy.

@happygeek maybe you should put together nice article on COD:BO and all the "best" things and "happiness" player have with this lattes game. From my side as software developer, I would love to know more about procedures how they test game code before release or patch (since both updates fix few things but broke numerous others).

I've been in love with call of duty since COD 2. I think after playing yearly releases since 2005.. black ops was lack luster for me. After I heard that 2-3 call of duty games are coming out in the next year along, my disinterest furthered.