Granted! I just granted your wish to have a wish! Now you have a wish, but you can only use it in this 5 minutes!

I wish I could meet the president of the USA

Granted, he got shot and you were accused.

I wish i had blue skin.

Granted, he got shot and you were accused.

aww, I don't like getting shot. :(

Granted! You are now an avatar, but you died sadly and painfully. :(

I wish I could get a billion dollors.

I wish I could get a billion dollors.

Granted, i gamble with it and now you are living on the streets.

I wish i was already in the NFL

Granted, but they kick you out. :(

I wish I could plant a million trees

Granted but you'll run out of soil.

I wish I had could live without money.

Granted, but then someone will give you a pile of money!

I wish I could beat Usain Bolt in sprinting

Granted, Usain Bolt was dead by the time you raced him.

I wish I won every lottery

granted but you spent it all in Los Vagas on wine, women and gambling.

I wish I could ride a motorcycle

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Granted, but your motorcycle will break when your about to use it!

I wish everyone could get an electric car

Granted but the moment you get into it you'll be electrcuted.

I wish I didn't eat that!

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Granted, you ate it anyways.

I wish i was a brick.

Granted, but it would fall out of your hand and break into a million pecies! :(

I wish I could climb a tree

Granted but the branches will break and you'll fall into a mound of fire-ants.

I wish I could play the piano.

Granted, but you will get alzimers for 10 seconds( which cant actually happen) and forget everything youlearned. :(

I wish I could end all the wars in the world.

Granted, the great war for the moon breaks out.

I wish I invented interstellar flight.

Granted but your first test run fails and you mistakingly took all of your research with you hence, it never existed!

I wish I invented velcro.

Granted, but Mestral beats you to the patent... now you are that crazy guy that keeps screaming "I invented velcro!"

I wish I had a supercomputer.

Granted, but your supercomputer will break just when your about to use it! :o

I wish I could jump to the moon

Granted but at the time you jump, the moon moves slightly out of the way and you float for eternity in space.

I wish I could time-travel!

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Granted, but when your about to time travel, time stops forever! :(

I wish I could control everything in the world.

Granted but the world's people revolt against you and you die.

I wish knew and understood everything there is to know about String Theory.

Granted but then a string would come and tangle your brain and confuse you! :)

I wish that I could get 500 posts

Not granted, when you get to post 499 Dani will suspend your account.

I wish little timmy didn't fall down the well.

Granted, but then he would trip again and fall in.

I wish I would get an A+ in everything

Granted, but since everyone else got an A++ your grades are on the very bottom.

I wish I had a new Lamborghini car.

Granted, but you were given a toy Lamborghini.

I wish I was the smartes man on earth, check that, in the universe.

You become the smartest man in the world, but trip and fall; injuring your brain and returning you back to normal intelligence.

I wish I had an alienware laptop.

Granted, but then an alien would get jelous and take the laptop away from you. :(

I wish I could float

wish granted your gravity became zero & you float away in the outer space

I wish if i could ride on an dinosaur's back