Granted, you found out she was a transgender ;D

I wish 1D, AM, & JB are dead (singers).

Granted - they were dead in your bed after doing the hanky panky hahaha :P

I wish I was good as C.Ronaldo at playing soccer/football.

Granted- you injure your leg for 5 months. Now your as good as a little kid. :o

I wish I had a money tree and no one but me can touch it or cut it down. :)

Granted but a tornado came along and ripped it up and blew it away.

I wish I were a bit thiner.

Granted, you saw an all you can buffet, so.....

I wish daniweb was spelled backwards for a day (bewinad)

Granted - you get confused and cannot access Daniweb for a day :O

I wish I was like Leonardo da Vinci - the greatest painter of all time and multi-talented :D

Granted, your works were burned in a fire so no one knows you :D

I wish i had morgan freeman's voice

Granted, it's too low for you, you get sore throat and now you have a high pitched voice. :o

I wish I was 100 lbs. and I would stay there forever!

Granted: but in order to do that you have to give up all, the foods you love.

I wish i had super powers

Granted, but now you live on the planet Crypton, which exploded.

I wish I had won the Mega-Millions Lottery (worth $630 Million last night)

Granted but you find out that 3.6 billion other people got the same number.

I wish I was a superhero that could be invisible.

Granted: but use your power too much that you become stuck invisible forever and you scare everyone.

I wish i presented my project better than i did for school just now.

Granted, you presented an amazing presentation for the wrong class :D

I wish I see infrared :D

Granted: but you only do for about a minute.

I wish that i will pass my Spanish final Friday(ಠ⌣ಠ)

Granted, you fail all your other tests and quizes so getting a 100% on the final isn't going to do anything for you because you still have failed the class.

I wish i never made it in life.

granted.... you then learn just how stupid Chuck really is...
I wish i could move to America

granted, you landed in south america.

i wish i was a bullet

Granted - you were stuck in a gun for life and never shot. Forever alone! :P

I wish I had an amazing gaming PC :D

commented: forever alone! +0

Granted, Well... your mom decided to clean the house and sold the pc... ;D

I wish I was able to drive.

Granted: but after an hour you get your license revoked for life! (ಠ⌣ಠ)

I wish i was athletically inclined

Granted: but you couldn't go to college.

I wish i wine to a different school

and what is your wish?

I wish i went to a different school. Stupid autocorrect.

granted, you fail in that school...

I wish my skin was green

granted: and while you were sunbathing in the park, someone started mowing the lawn.

I wish it was weekend already.

Granted, you had a coma and now it is monday ;D

I wish i was starbucks cup of coffee

Granted - Time stopped after the weekend... now the weekend will never ever come back ever again ! :O

I wish I had a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 :D

Granted: It goes way too fast for you and it fell of a cliff. :o

I wish I could answer evry math problem in 1 second

Granted ... too bad all the questions are asked after that particular second.

I wish my project was ready to go :)