Wish granted. You end up living 20 years less.
I wish i were fat (don't ask why lol) :)

then you'll become so fat that you won't be able to move .. and you'll be naked coz no clothes will fit on you

i wish there was a real genie just for me :)

Granted, but your genie has a serious case of Down syndrom.

I wish there was a zombie apocalypse.

Granted, you will be eaten in the apocalypse.

I wish I got a PhD from Harvard.

Wish granted, but the PhD you got was useless because the diploma had someone else's name on it.

I wish I could go back to high school with what I know now.

Granted, but the high school was demolished and under construction for a prison.

I wish I were the president

Wish granted, you are President of Hostess Inc., which is now bankrupt and up for sale. WalMart is one of the potential buyers.

I wish for nothing, already have everything I want or need.

Wish granted, you end up wishing anyways :)

I wish i were dead (this one better be fun:))

Granted. Turns out reincarnation is true and you come back to life as some brat's goldfish.

I wish I had my own game company.

Granted, your game company gets in a major lawsuit for copying other games and has to shut down and return all sales to other companies.

I wish I was a bodybuilder

Granted, but then you became Greg Valention.

I wish I could come up with more original wishes.

Granted, you end up copying other wishes.

I wish I were a house cat

Granted, you're my house cat. And I'm a dog person.

I wish never needed sleep to rest up.

Granted, you get kicked out of the house because you watch people in their sleep.

I wish i were human

wish granted or are you not :).. ?

i wish there are no bad people (though i can't imagine how's that like)

Granted, now many athletes have lost their jobs.

I wish I drove a bugatti veyron.

Granted, but there is no more oil in the world.

I wish more people played this game.

granted, but you had an accident the moment you get your hands on it

i wish i can think of an awesome wish

Granted, someone else's dream came true and yours didn't.

I wish i was the clone of the person with the comment above me.

Granted, there has been a mistake and you're even lamer.

I wish piracy wasn't illegal.

Granted, now all your creations are stolen.

I wish i healed from wounds in a flash.

granted, but it costs a day in your life span
i wish i was the greatest person in the whole universe

Granted, an alien from another universe will abduct you and un-awesomize you.

I wish i was Michael Jordan.

wish granted but you got old and can't play anymore

i wish i could be an invincible person who can fly that no aliens could even touch

Granted, an opposing country locked you up in their labs as an experiment.

I wish i was a dog

wish granted, but a car hit and killed you on the freeway.

I wish to go on holiday in Austrilia.

Granted, your plane to australlia crashes and ends up in a random island.

I wish I was an atom

Granted, you got split by scientists.

I wish there was no more war.

Granted, we now have problems with other countries taking our money.

I wish this thread ended.

granted. but no one will bother to close this thread

i wish this thread restarted