People with great Technical skills do not necessarily make good team leaders - People skills are needed too.
plz explain briefly. Thankyou

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Sounds like a homework question. Were you paying attention in class?

"Are space and time fundamental concepts or are they approximations to other, more subtle, ideas that still await our discovery?"

"What is the difference between the sigmundoscope and the sigmoidoscope? Less cryptically, how is everyday narrative logic different from extensional mathematical logic?

"Is there, or should we expect, a fracture in the logical basis on which people now look for a description of the nexus between particle physics and cosmology?"

"Why do we continue to act as if the universe were constructed from nouns linked by verbs, when we know it is really constructed from verbs linked by nouns?"

Could our lack of theoretical insight in some of the most basic questions in biology in general, and consciousness in particular, be related to us having missed a third aspect of reality, which upon discovery will be seen to always have been there, equally ordinary as space and time, but so far somehow overlooked in scientific descriptions?

Discuss, and develop a single theory of the universe which addresses all of these questions with a strategy for providing quantifiable proof to support your theory. You have 20 minutes.

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