I just needed to know that how are the live chat consoles included in the social networks. I also welcome anybody who is interested in this task. I have the whole layout of the website just need some wise and experienced people to advice me.

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advise: forget about it.
You're in way over your head if you think 2-3 hobbyist schoolkids can create a viable competitor to facebook in their lunch breaks.

Another advice: you may want to design a blog and publish news on different fields as may come to your mind or consider a forum also. Its more viable than designing a social network.....The time ain't ripe.

not to mention the phrase " I have the whole layout of the website" raises a few questions.
Do you mean you ripped the layout from an existing site and modified it a bit, or have you actually used some HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ...
to create a layout yourself? even then, not really an accomplishment. compared to the back-end, you know, the part for which you are looking: "wise and experienced people to advice me"
the layout is just an empty box.

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