No, it means they starved.

Why does TnTinMN have a monkey avatar?

Because he's not TheTinMaN.

Why do none of the flightless birds whistle?

Because they are too shy to sing.

Why is mike_2000_17 super good at programming?

Popeye has his spinach & Olive Oil, Mike_2000 has his C++ & Daniweb

Mrs BigPaw wants BigPaw to paint the pond's bridge at the weekend, and he's decided that it will need about five coats of paint. Which coat will he put on the first?

Which coat will he put on the first?

His own if it is cold outside.

Why isn't chocolate considered a vegetable, if chocolate is made from cocoa beans, and beans are considered a vegetable?

Because coffee (also made from beans) is not a vegetable.

Why are flamingos pink?


Are we there yet?


Am i a cat or human?

neither, you are an unclosed tag name. now get noff the computer an do your homework!

if an idea is proclaimed to be half-baked, which half is ready for consumption?

now get noff the computer an do your homework!

I don't have homework today... i do it all in school and I have straight A's in all 7 classes ;). So i know what i am doing.


if an idea is proclaimed to be half-baked, which half is ready for consumption?


Why did TnTinMN ask a question and why did I answer it?

Foul. Two stupid questions.
Answer to the First: I'm bored and don't feel like working on my project.
For the answer to the second I will borrow from an old comercial for a candy: The world may never know.

Now for the stupid question, what is the candy from the commercial am I referring too?

Actually, it was a two part question. ;)

Cavities and Dental Visits.

Why am I awesome?

Because you're humble, and would never brag about how awesome you are...

Why do cars have four wheels?

commented: mine has 5 wheels +0

Because they do.

Why do presidents only get to be in office for 4 years?

Because after that they are on vacation

Since there was no question given, I will just make one up for IIM

Why is Dani the queen of the web?
Because she is...

Alright, new question.

Why is 1+1 equal to 2?

It's not, can be proven that 1+1=3

Why is snow white and not blue like the color of the sky from which it comes?

@AD, your answer is not stupid... it is actually logical!

Because it went pale.

Why does Ancient Dragon like Diablo 3?

Because he doesn't like questions.

Why there are two weekends and 5 weekdays?

Because there isn't 5 weekends and 2 weekdays.

Why is the cat on my avatar attacking a bird house.

Because the bird stole his fish.

Why do auctioneers speak so fast?

Because they don't feel like talking slow.

why am I straight A student

Because you know how to extrapolate.

Why do birds have feathers?

becusse they don't have fur.

Why is Mike wearing tha funny-looking hat? He looks like a Viking.

Because he likes funny looking stuff on his head.

Why does Ancient Dragon think that Mike's avatar is funny looking?

Because he's a jolly old man.

Why does a dragon wear a yellow shirt?

Because he likes it.

Why did i respond to your question?

Because answer is stupid.

Why do you eat apple?

Because I don't eat tree.
Why can't I think of a stupid question?

Because you are a Panda Bear
Why do I like to drink water instead of Whisky?

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