because you are ancient dragon.
Why mike is older than ancient dragon.

because he is probably only half my age.

why does pizza taste sooo good?

It doesn't, it's the burps afterwards that do.

I'll ask again: Are we there yet?!!!!


Why is Tim Cook a horrible CEO

It is somebody who likes cooking.
Is it possible to have ladybugs in source code?

I don't know.

But if you did, would they eat the nasty bugs like they do in my garden?

No, they eat tiny characters you type in your code?

Why are dogs better than cats?

because dogs don't attack a bird house.

Why is the cat on my avatar attacking a bird house.

Why astronauts are in state of free fall in space?

Because they're not wearing a parachute.

Can a whale drown?

yes they do when they are sleeping.

Why whales are Aquaphobic?

Because they aren't landophobic.

Why is 2 > 0?

It isn't, 0 consists out of more pixels.
I lost my mind, how do I get it back?

I'll answer and ask all at the same time: Are you sure that it is worth the effort?

Sorry, no offense intended, I just could not resist being a Smart aleck. Besides, I had to beat Michael to the punch line.

I had to beat Michael to the punch line


I will assume that "Are you sure that it is worth the effort?" is the question.


Why are pandas fat.

the pandas are fat cause they never exercise.

Why the cat in ur picture scratching the post???

because he wants to show off his purrty claws.

Why am i posting here?

u hav a lot of time to waste in thinking the stupid answer

why superman wears his underwear outside his pants????

because he is wearing another underwear in his pants.

why am i awesome.

beacuse you are not awful...

Why the cat in your pic is fat???

He is not fat, he is poofy.

Why do I have a 6 pack :D

Beacuse you might have spent about 22 hours in the gym everyday without doing anything else.

Why Bill Gates named his OS Microsoft Windows when his surname is Gates related to Doors??

You can ask his wife why he named his company microsoft (if you know what I mean :D) and he also called it windows because gates are hard to see through.

Why am I 6 feet tall even though I am 15.

cause someone might have stretched you.

Why the ice is cold

because it is not hot.

why do celebs hate paparazzi.

beacause celebs are already in love with someone else

Why the letter on the keyboard are not arranged in the alphabetical order???

why not?

Why don't i have 8 limbs

cause you already have 2

Why the spiderman shoots webs

because he wants too.

Why is daniweb purple.

cause it is maybe the creator's favorite color

why there is cat in ur profile