Because there is no such thing as "dollors" but there are dollars :)

Why can't i have a fish tank full of great white sharks?


Because if they had a heroic smile they would be the heros.

Why is everything I find in the last place I look.

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If I behead some guy and then eat parts of him, should I be free?

Yes, actually.

What is the formula for goat cheese?


Goat cheese:

  1. Two goat hooves
  2. Special Unicorn Sauce
  3. One plastic spoon

Mix them all together and bake at 350 F for 22.3 minutes.

Have you ever been stampeded by a herd of raging oxen?


To answers the question that isn't there, the answers must be organge strawberries always organge strawberries ALWAYS!

Okay why is the number 4, number 4?


Because a silent pee is more challenging with a hacking cough.

If you ate pasta with antipasta would you still feel hungry?

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Exactly! A shooting star without a gun is a dead star.

If train stations are where trains stop, what's a workstation?


Train stations are where trains stop, workstations are where the work stops!

Magnets will attract or repel. The Earth has a huge magnetic field. So why dont some magnetic objects get fired into space like missiles because they're repelling Earth?


They do! Watch a train wagon full of people going to work in the morning.

Does a grasshopper jumps down on th south pole, seeing him jump from the nord pole?


Nope, it lands on the moon first, for a quick beer on the way

How long does it take before whales learn to fly after their birth?

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