Because you already have a 6 pack

Why can't I have a million dollors?

Because there is no such thing as "dollors" but there are dollars :)

Why can't i have a fish tank full of great white sharks?

because all sharks are eated by whale :P
why cant my computer do auto coding for me :P

Because your computer doesnt know how to code! common sense! lol :)

Why cant I fly?

because your exhaust is not that much powerfull :P lolz
why every one asking stupid questions ?

Because everyone is stupid. :)

Why does my computer lag when I play games?

Because the games mean to be slow(like pausiing the program on purpose)
Why am I epic?

because you are not a movie

why the villains have a wicked smile

Because if they had a heroic smile they would be the heros.

Why is everything I find in the last place I look.

Because every spot is the last spot you looked at.

Why am I asking this?

If I behead some guy and then eat parts of him, should I be free?

If I behead some guy and then eat parts of him, should I be free?

Yes, actually.

What is the formula for goat cheese?

Goat cheese:

  1. Two goat hooves
  2. Special Unicorn Sauce
  3. One plastic spoon

Mix them all together and bake at 350 F for 22.3 minutes.

Have you ever been stampeded by a herd of raging oxen?

No. That's plain outrageous. Raging bulls yes, oxen, no.

What is Google's current Algorithm?

Nine currents per search bun.

To answers the question that isn't there, the answers must be organge strawberries always organge strawberries ALWAYS!

Okay why is the number 4, number 4?

Because if it were 5 it would mess up quite some mathematics.
Why does glue glue?

Because it's made of sticky stuff that gets stuck in your clothes

Why can't fish drown?

Because they would either die or evolve to not drown.

What's in rum and coke?

Whiskey and Pepsi.

Why is there a P in pneumonia?

Because a silent pee is more challenging with a hacking cough.

If you ate pasta with antipasta would you still feel hungry?

You'd be board of pasta lol

How can you have a shooting star without a gun?

Exactly! A shooting star without a gun is a dead star.

If train stations are where trains stop, what's a workstation?

Train stations are where trains stop, workstations are where the work stops!

Magnets will attract or repel. The Earth has a huge magnetic field. So why dont some magnetic objects get fired into space like missiles because they're repelling Earth?

Because people grab those things and stop them from doing that.

Why don't zombies exist?

They do! Watch a train wagon full of people going to work in the morning.

Does a grasshopper jumps down on th south pole, seeing him jump from the nord pole?

Nope, it lands on the moon first, for a quick beer on the way

How long does it take before whales learn to fly after their birth?