Would you guys recommend me for a mod for Daniweb????

“Never. Never ask for what ought to be offered.”
― Daniel Woodrell

Would you guys recommend me for a mod for Daniweb????

Be patient my friend. When I became a mod, I had about 4 times your post count, had been around for about 2 years, had about 100 times your reputation points and above 95% post-quality. You are on the right track, and we have certainly appreciated your contributions, and hope you will keep it up. But I couldn't say you have reached the point of being considered a candidate for promotion to mod status just yet.

I don't quite understand the strength of your desire to be a moderate. After all, all it means is that here and there you resolve those "flag bad post" issues, plus the occasional posts where you put your moderator hat on to moderate on a thread (or remind people of the rules), and the extra "powers" are few, and not to be abused anyways. And the "respect" you get is something that comes for the quality of your posts / contributions, the mod status has little to do with that.

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Well i'm online here daily, i normally show up as the top 20 for daily activity, I participate often, plus I am still learning... but i do agree... its best for me to have about 1-2k posts and a whole lot more points...

I would say its quality over quantity where posts are concerned to be honest. Anyone can write responses to lots of threads across the forum. Not everyone can give a useful contribution consistently.

Quality and consistency of contributions does it every single time over qauntity. Or put another way, it's not who can yell the loudest in order to get noticed but those we notice are quietly getting on with helping others that tend to get the nod for a mod job.

That makes sense... I'll just wait a while until i know i am ready :)