Hello! I have a question regarding web hosting, I am interested in launching a personal blog and I would like to have a personal .com domain for it, so I decided I will buy that and a hosting package from 1&1 since they support 'newbies' with their site-building features. However, my question is, do you need to know any advanced HTML coding to create a website this way? I know basic html but I never made a website from scratch and I want to know if I need to look up some HTML tutorials before I buy a hosting package. Thank you in advance! -Audrey

I haven't used that service myself, but it appears that they simply provide you with templates and images to use to put the page together, I assume via some browser interface since they indicate no additional software is needed. I wouldn't think you need even any basic HTML skills to use such as service.

keep in mind that with these packages you'll be limited as to what you can customize. As far as purchasing the package, it seems like they provide you with some type of risk free 30 day guarantee...

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