What inspires you to maintain the pursuit of geeky knowledge? Personally, I'd say that the computer is an extension of myself, so it's the gratification of learning how to express myself through an extremely complex media. What are your thoughts?

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What inspires you to maintain the pursuit of geeky knowledge?...

my two-cents' worth:

One attitude that I have is that I always want to impress myself, and when I do get to impress myself on something I did and/or know it doesn't last that long. Which makes me start searching for other ways do impress myself again... Applying this attitude, I always tend to pressure myself on learning more things. Since I'm very much into computers, I tend to concentrate my thoughts on learning more about computers...

I think that what inspires me to maintain the pursuit of 'geeky' knowledge...

'Do not let a day pass without learning something new!'


In all honesty, I don't even try to pursuit knowledge explicitly. I have a computer profession and I'm a computer science student, so I'm always at the computer. My craving for knowledge stems from my curiosity than anything else. Because I'm always on the internet, I always look up anything if I don't know. This includes from the stupidest things to the most important. It doesn't matter to me. Because it's so accessible through the internet, I look it up. This is the only reason. If I had to drive my car to the library and get a book on it, I wouldn't even bother.

Thank God for the internet. Oh yeah... and Google. @_@


used to be yahoo...

It used to be AskJeeves for me. After some time I found out that it was garbage. Also, more ads started to appear. Now it seems they toned down, but I still prefer Google.


years and years ago, back in the aol 3.0 days, it used to be altavista.com for me, because the aol search engine wouldn't let me get pr0gz that kicked people offline.... muahahaha....


I'm all-out honest here. What drives me is the power. The zooming of the Servers in my little Server room drives me. It's fun playing with a 50.000 dollar worth of machinery. You can break it, repair it, play with it, open it. "Hands-on" is my game.


What drives me to look and gain computer knowlege... Well, I'd have to say my parents. My mother says that I will rule Microsoft one day (Um, I hate to burst her bubble...) and my dad... well, he is easily amused. That and my brother look up to me (or rather I look up to him, he is 6'2" and I am a measely 5'5"). That and the fact that I have been into computers since I was 10 helps too. Also, the money. Money helps.


The best motivation of all - money!

I'm an IT journalist, and if I don't keep up with what's going on, I'll end up severely embarrassed and broke!

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