Can you help me to find a laptop?

I am partial to Dell, usually get them at Best Buy. The only problem is that most notebooks/laptops come with Wndows 8.1 that can be frustrating to the user.

I'm also partial to Dell. I have had excellent tech support and service (on the fortunately few occasions it was required). We have three Dells in our house.

I bought three Acer Aspire laptops with i7 and i5 processors. They were sold with windows 8, which I replaced with kubuntu 64 bits and they work very well.

The only real use I have for laptops is to attach external monitors and keyboards to them. I hate HP products because of the the excess shite that they load on it.

One more plug for Dell - we have a summer cottage in the middle of nowhere and one summer when the battery went on my laptop, Dell sent a new one by courrier within 2 days. No charge.

lenovo g510 is a good it and see the reviews. it provides good
hradware and processing in a afordable price

hard to say what "a good laptop" would be, because this description is way too vague. good for what ?
a laptop that would be good for my father, for instance, would not be a good laptop for me.

my father likes to do the average stuff: read his facebook wall, send and recieve emails, play farmville ...

for me, it's about the same, but you can scratch the farmville and enter the names of a few games that demand a bit ... more from my machine. I also need to keep in mind, that I 'll use my laptop not just for fun 'n games, but also to develop applications, and test them. meaning, the configuration that would be good for him, would be crap for me, and the configuration that would be good for me, in functionality, sure, it wouldn't be bad for him, but he would be paying about ten times what he needs to pay to satisfy his requirements.