I have had this laptop running windows 7 for about two years and I have been noticing the battery discharges unconsistenly. Sometimes I am solely surfing the internet through out a whole charge and it does last a good hour and a half more or less.

Other times, right after disconnecting it drops instantly from 100% to 94%. Then just keeps dropping at a fast pace. Yesterday I noticed it was 100% after disconnecting and in less than five minutes I was down to 64% and in a couple of minutes it jumped back up to 96%.

I have tried "Battery Bar" and according to it, on a full charge it marked 2.5 hours and 0 battery wear. Even after unplugging, it would recalibrate itself and start the countdown at 2.5 hours battery time. However, now running unplugged, even with wifi turned off and just using exel, "battery bar" would drop 4-7 minutes of charge time for every minute on the clock.

May this be a faulty configuration or more of a faulty battery?

Thank you!

My experience says that your laptop battery has been expired. Have you checked the timing how much it is giving to you? If it is giving you less than 10 min of backup then you need to replace a new battery.

Like I said, sometimes it lasts around 1.5 hours worth of internet surfing. Other times it dies faster even with wifi off.

sometimes i think be watch some things to much ,forget the meter and use the laptop .its 2 yrs old it could be getting bad ,only way to know for sure is keep using it ,till it dies

i was using a acer one ,the other day and it was bouncing all over the place,3hrs 5 hrs 7 hrs and it still latted for hrs

How about a bad configuration? is there a way to know if unneccesary procecess are draining the battery and sometimes for some reason they do not run causing the battery to last longer at that particular occasion?

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it not likely that programs run sometime nd not other time ,it likely you could be doing different things that use more power ,running videos ,download /or moving files around ,using more cpu/video chip ,thus burning more power .surfing the net some pages load small flash videos ect ect using power

my laptop goes from 100% to 95% when i unplug the cord ,and my battery is getting bad ,cause it only last an hour or so now ,so maybe the battery is getting bad ,not holding a good charge ,
battery consumption in altered by how intense the laptop is used at any giving time .

do ctrl alt del ,open task manager .processess and you can watch what programs spike,use cpu

Yes I know that. But again, does not make sense I am surfing the internet watching videos and continuously surfing for 1. 5 hours, but then another time wifi is 'off', screen brightness is at the lowest level and I'm only running microsoft exel and the machine dies in 30 minutes.

maybe excell is taking the cpu ,what happens in the same 30 minutes doing nuttin,just sitting idel,disable ssleep and hibernate if set ,and just let it sit,not sure what else couldbe causing it to do something as drastic as a full hr,difference

sorry I don't really understand what you say

let me put it this was ,turn on laptop ,charge it fully ,unplug and let it sit running ,no excell or any other programs running ,open task manager ,and sit and watch the proceses and see what ones spike when using cpu

my laptop is lenovo B570 my battery is normally gd but when i am shutting down my laptop all lights on it still turn on and consume the battery energy.is their any bad installation or my laptop is damaged?

Are you shutting it down or putting it into sleep mode?

my laptop charging point fluctuates, i have to plug the charger in a special and careful way before into the charging point on my Laptop before it charges, Please does anybody hav an idea what could be the problem.

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