I have an Asus laptop, it's about 7 or 8 years old. The only thing wrong is that it is very very slow so I want to do a reinstall. I thought a clean install the best way to go, I did a repair a couple of years ago with the 2 restore disks that came with the laptop but I feel a clean install is warranted now.
My question is, can I use the 2 Asus Recovery disks to do do this,and if anyone knows how would appreciate help.
I do have a Windows XP Home SP3 disk, it's a copy that I have had for some time. I was thinking that would be the best way to go but not sure.
thank you very much,

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The ASUS recovery restore discs are there to help you recover the system back to its original settings. This process would include the necessary drivers and any other software that came with the system.

If you use a Windows XP SP3 CD, you need to gather the drivers that the OS doesnt have built-in support for. That shouldnt be a problem if XP was the OS that came with the system. Asus should have those drivers on their site.

I usually prefer to use Windows CDs since these manufactures add a lot of extra stuff that i'm not interested in.

Either way to go is fine.

On a side note, you may not be aware but XP support ends April 8. No more security patches available after that for XP so you may consider upgrading to a supported OS in the near future.

Thank you for responding. Yes, I did know that Microsoft are stopping support in april, that's why I thought I would do the clean install before that and just get it up to date before their support stops, that is for my old laptop that is so slow. I do have a desktop computer running Windows 7. I have the Windows 7 disk but the HDD on the laptop is only 80 gigabytes so don't think it's big enough for the windows 7. think I will use my copy of Windows XP Home.I love XP but I know I should "get with the times".
thanks again,

80gb is ample for Win7. Typically W7 x86 will use just under 8GB, x64 i beleive from memory is about 13/14GB

Oh well, I might think about installing Windows 7 on my old laptop, even though I love XP. thanks again,

if you are going reinstall windows xp do it as quickly as possible because hold of the updates and activating the installation is becoming a real pain in the neck. You can get hold of the updates in an off line version and install them from their which I have done and it saves a lot of hassles.

I so accounts, it is possible that problems will come that resources WIN XP in June 2014 end, consider changing windows, I advise WIN 7.

If you like your windows xp keep it.But I also advise you to change to windows 7 because many people are trying to corrupt and add viruses in the software you download for windows xp.

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install Windows 7 and XP to dual boot have either Windows 7 or XP installed first. You choose which to run at bootup.

With dual booting XP and W7, it is best to install XP first; W7 will then overwrite the boot secor with its own files, which it MUST have available. W7 can then be directed to locate other installations, eg. XP, and set its loader to boot them.
If you install XP after W7 you can use the repair option on the W7 dvd to fix its boot loader.

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