Would you play your laptop in bed???

What do you mean by play your laptop?

I have worked on a laptop when ill in bed before now.

What do you mean by play in bed with a laptop? Some kinky stuff?

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You mean access those dirty filthy videos I've heard so much about?
What type of god-cursed flavour of sexual deviant pervert are you Robert?

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Im not a pervert
And 2 I mean what computer games like AW OR GTA 5 do they play in bed

Why did you not say so in the first place?
Written words can easily be misunderstood as you noticed I guess. :)
Always remember this latin proverb : Verba volant, scripta manent!

I currently don't have a laptop because I found that, after graduating college, the only time I used it was when I was sick in bed.

whoops tons of mistakes thanks for that ddanbe

I currently don't have a desktop, only laptops, because I found that I could only use the desktop in the office :)

Actually, I have three laptops: my main work one (something of an overspecced powerhouse which was built to last for the long haul), my old one (stays in the office as an emergency spare) and the family one at home (which I rarely use as there are always teenage boys on it).

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Im not a pervert

I was kidding Robert. J.O.K.E. Whooosh!

Well... despite my age, i am not much of a gamer... all i get to do on my laptop is just write some code and do my reports for ap classes.

I have never played games on my laptop, despite it being sold as a gaming lappy. I'm a confirmed Xbone man. So why a gaming lappy then? Simples - the power and build of the thing provides me with something which can survive the bashing I tend to give my work tools. Over to Diafol for the double entendre comment :)

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I don't have a laptop and mostly use my iPad

Not right now, I have a nasty cold.

I broke my wrist this week (scaphoid fracture) which is fun. Didn't involve any tool bashing though.

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Tool bashing - are you really trying your best to taunt me? Anyhow - be careful with the old "granny fracture" - I did same playing rugby when 19 and it never healed properly - can't bend wrist back more than about 60%. I now have two small floating bones instead of one big one. Am buggered.

It's all splinted up and immobilised at the moment, back to the hospital for more x-rays and possibly a bone scan in 10 days when it will either stay in splint or get potted for three months :(

Ewwies Davey, really sorry to hear that. But there's been some developments on my end ... last night, I bought a laptop!!!!!!!!!

Feel better soon happygeek! (I'll be nice, as diafol was trying so hard to make you feel better ;P)

last night, I bought a laptop!!!!!!!!!

Here we go, Dani's bought another $8,000 monster with 64GB of Ram just to show off ;p

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Just when I was feeling good about my new laptop. OK, Dani, blow us away with the specs.

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Sorry HG - my horror story was meant as a 'take care' not as a 'take scare'. I just got the wrong treatment.

No need to apologise, knew exactly where you were coming from.

Now i feel sorry for you happygeek

Using a note book in bed is a bit awkward, have to wait until brain wave readers come out.

looking into one now and going to buy in 3 months is a LAPTOP