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Am going to buy a desktop for first time in over 15 years. Lugging all that into bed's going to be fun.

commented: the bigger, the better they say +0

Buy one where the hard drive is not infected with spyware at the factory level.

Buy everything but Lenovo!
These folks install Superfish malware at the factory!

I found out that NSA is infecting your hdd firmware with stuxnet look it up on the net

Ooooh I actually didn't see the follow up to this thread until now. Honestly, I just really needed a lappy. I did something I never in a billion years thought I would ever do. I walked into Microcenter, and fifteen minutes later, walked out with an MSI laptop. No custom build for Dani ... for once!

I haven't gone down the custom build route for so long now with lappies, mainly down to the affordable off the shelf stuff being pretty well specced these days.