Outside, in populous places I can't walk without glasses. Glasses underline the contours of my person, makes me more attractive and I feel so more comfortable.
And do you carry glasses? What? On what do you pay attention at a choice, purchase?

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Price and functionality. I'm more interested in how other people look to me than how I look to other people.

I gotta ask this. If you can't walk, what are you doing? Crawling, running or frozen in place?

I'm guessing he means that he is so nearsighted that he can't walk without glasses.

Honestly, I couldn't really understand what it was he was getting at... Does he wear glasses/shades for fashion? To correct poor vision? Who knows? Who cares? ;-)

commented: I want to know. If not walking,, what? +0

come on dude you can do it.

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