Hi all

am currently looking for idea's for my final year project.

to be honest i havnt come up with an idea that i acn say will intrest me and i will find challenging

also the last thing i want to do is an e-commerce site as that is what everyone else seems to be doing and i wont find it that challenging.

the ideas i have in reserve are either programming or involve implimenting a RDBM sys. which dosent really excite me either

prefer for it to be hardware orientated and also it would give me bonus marks if i could find a client for which i am developing the project, for which i have for the above idea's

any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

P.s sorry if i have posted in the wrong section but am a bit of a n00b to this site


I'm looking to have something developed which I was going to do on my own due to time issues. I'll still have time to contribute, just not as much as I'd like.

This project would be hardware oriented, but needs to talk to a RDBMS on the backend...as well as a website which uses that same DB for a backend.

This might be a bit more than you can chew or just doesn't spark your interest, but if it does let me know.