Hello there!

I am interested in studying Computer Science in England but it's like I am "in the middle of nowhere". I went through the UCAS web site and checked every simple CS University. I was mainly checking their courses so I avoid subjects I don't really like (telecommunications, graphics, etc.).

The problem is I can only apply to 6 and my list has about 19 right now. I got some opinions from friends and other students but still I find it really hard to get down to only 6. So, here I am, asking you for help! :)

Some things about me that you may help you give your suggestions: I am really ambitious and ready to work hard. I don't care about student life (in terms of weather, night clubs, etc). I would love to be involved in research AND in the "software vs hardware" I am with the software (meaning I prefer being a programmer than a technician).

Another problem is my marks. Greek system (I come from Greece, forgot to mention) is strange and I don't know what the equations are. I got around 19 in Software Engineering, 16 in Maths & 17 in Physics (don't know if English Universities require any other subjects too).

So, anyone out there with any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

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