Gamers are used to unearthing cheats that will give them ultimate power over everything, but now it seems that Windows 7 users can also activate a God Mode of their own.

Here's a really simple little Windows 7 tweak which activates an already pretty well documented developer shell feature that allows a filesystem folder to be turned into a 'namespace junction' and also brings the All Tasks special shell folder into play. Together it has been dubbed God Mode as it enables you to congregate diverse control panel functionality within a single folder.

To activate God Mode you just create a new folder and call it


and then double click the thing. This activates the super special folder which brings you an all new and maybe a tad more convenient control panel view.

If you are a power-tool and Windows tweaking geek, then I'm pretty sure you will love this. While you only get a plain vanilla Explorer list view at least everything you need for Windows 7 control is in one place now rather than being spread all over the shop in those multiple, if much better looking, control panels.

commented: Love it :) +25

like it thanks ,every thing in one place ,sure it will come in handy when i have more time to check it closer

I think its silly someone called that "godmode",it works on 98se also! (And you dont have to call it "Godmode" (Its nothing new))

You can do the same thing by going to CONTROL PANEL,RIGHT CLICKING AND CHOOSING "CREATE SHORTCUT" and placing it on your desktop :)

Nice post. One can see the steps here and activate windows 7. I heard about windows 7 that it is really new and interseting.