I've seen this before, I think I got about 30 seconds. It's probably made easier because I use a graphics pen and not a mouse.


It's difficult. Very difficult. Though it's doable - the top one only has to be contacted by the paddle for a second while the bottom one really has to be concentrated on. I'm at school right now so I only got to try about 3 times, but I got 11.16. :D


14.905 seconds, yay!

...Well, I'm proud...>_>

Atleast you are doing good for yourself....;)

BTW haven't seen Joey around these parts for a long time. Wonder what happened to him challenge driven paradigm...:twisted:


22.309 :)

You don't give up, do you ? ;)

Looks like this game has become a part and parcel of your daily curriculum. :cheesy:

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