Hello, world.

I'm Liam Proven, a freelance IT bod from the English capital. I'm here because I know Wavey "happygeek" Davey personally and he mentioned Daniweb in another forum we're both on.

I already maintain a blog (well, more of a diary) at livejournal but I shall post some tech-related stuff here too; it's just one of several things I write about over on LJ.

About me... Well, the profile's fairly informative, as is my homepage and LJ userinfo. No secrets or psuedonyms here; just Google me.

I'm 1.88m tall (6'2"), weigh 100kg after Yule and will be reducing that in short order, I'm 39 with short black/grey hair, spectacles and an Imperiale. I'm a recovering goth but still mainly wear black and have a fondness for dodgy nightclubs and loud gigs. I don't smoke, don't do caffeine, don't eat animals, rarely drink alcohol, run and cycle regularly, and am not nearly as normal and boring as that makes me sound. I'm an outspoken atheist and skeptic; single, straight, mono. I should probably dig out & post my geek code here but it's just too sad. Fond of motorbikes and bicycles, the weirder the better; read a lot of SF and some science, plus a lot of magazines, mostly the trade press; watch very little TV. Amateur linguist; can sort of struggle along to varying degrees in French, Norwegian, Spanish, German and others.


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Oh and if anyone wants a brief heads up on Liam, then his blog post which mentions people describing him as a "ranting mouthpiece for the Linux Taliban" is pretty much spot on, in the nicest possible way! :)


Hey Liam, glad you could make it over! Have this 'real' welcome on me, to replace the boilerplate one :)

:-) Cheers, Wavey! & thanks for moving my support query one over to the coffee house. I looked at that and couldn't really figure out what was the difference between a coffee house and an IT water cooler...

This place is /confusing!/


The trick with the sections is to look beyond the category title and at the forums within, so water cooler is careers, business, jobs, trends etc whereas coffee house is DaniWeb community related.

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