Sorry for not introducing myself first but here goes: Hello there my name is Stacey I'm 27, married with a 2 year old son. I google'd this forum when I was desperately searching for an answer to my laptop fiasco. I'm in nursing school, but I love tinkering around my three computers. I've been know to crash a few.:lol: All of my knowledge is self taught...I joke with my fellow nursing classmates that I was originally going to go to ECPI Tech to take a web design course. (The Nursing school I attend is part of ECPI, we share our building with the computer students). So here I am learning instead about disease process, meds, and human anatomy/chemistry instead....Wacky world ain't it....:rolleyes: Thank you all for imparting your vast knowledge of computers to us "tinkerers". It is immensely appreciated. -Stacey

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laptops... beautiful when they work... piles of useless carp when they don't!!! ;)

(yes there's a huge long story behind laptops and me)

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