hello i was wondering if anyone could help....i keep getting symtec giving me pop-ups saying an email has been trying to send with the contents of growin your penis!! getting about 20 every 10 minutes.....my norton isnt picking anything up. could someone give me some advice please?

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Sounds like you might have a trojan running...If thats the case,Norton cant see it because ITS RUNNING,you have to find out what process it is AND END TASK ON IT (Then Norton will kill it straight away)

When did this start?

If you can remember,go thru all your files that were CREATED the day this started and see if you see anything you dont recognize being put on the disk on that day.....

Sounds like a problem on 1 of our XPs that i fixed last month (A trojan)

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thank you, think i have got rid of it but im not sure.......went through all the processes and googled them to see what was running....had a few things that didnt sound right so deleted them. ran the HIjackThis but i didnt really understand it.

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