How about we dedicate this thread to ideas for starting a home based business? Just post an idea you may have, it may not be the right idea for you, but it may be great for someone else!

Here are the points:

1. Find a local manufacturer of products that ship well through couriers, and start and ecommerce website.

2. Define your hobby. Start a content website that you keep updated daily, or at least weekly. If you have a niche market, you may do well with ads!

3. Provide a service to local businesses. For example you can do some accounting from home.

Looking forward to more of your ideas!

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For those of you who can not afford to stock up on merchandise and ship it directly from your house - I will recommend a drop shipper. This is only for those who are willing to invest into an e-commerce website.

There are many avenues in the business world today with the fast growing technology and IT revolution. One must keep himself updated on the latest happening in the business world. I personally keep myself updated by reading Business Week. Recently I came across an unique service an audio version of BusinessWeek at I could download the content to my Note Book and listen to it while doing something else. A great service I must say.

I am very interested in this thread. I would like to know what there is a demand for out there. I would like to start some sort of online business but I dont know what there is a need for. I have spoken to entrepreneurs and the main thing is to find "something that people dont want, but NEED." If you convince them they need it, then you are golden.

So I guess what I'm asking is some suggestions to find my niche.

If someone finds a niche, chances are they're going to save it for themselves.

There is no silver bullet, and I see so many people in forums like this seeking one. The only sure answer is working hard, and working clever. If you find something along the way that can make you a quick buck, then you'll know when you see it, and that is your opporunity to pounce.

Until then, find something you like doing and RESEARCH. Once you've done the research (and I'm not talking 10 minutes with Google, it actually involves doing some work) then you'll know more or less where you want to go, or if you're going to move onto something else.

It's that simple.

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