Hey guys, I am new to the forums here and they look great. This seems to be a very helpful community and I look forward to being a part of that.

I have been working in the computer industry for several years and I am looking to up my value as an employee. I have tried to go at it on my own and there is just too much stress involved in that. I have some Microsoft training and tests under my belt as well as some Cisco training and testing. I have not finished either of the two testing "trees" out and am looking for some advice. I can self teach myself but I don't want to waste time either. What I am trying to ask is which direction has the better long term benefits, certs, testing, college? I have tried a few different paths and I can never get a straight answer the only thing that anyone ever tells me is that the way they went was the best.

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There is no replacement for MCSA/MCSE Certs period. They are a backbone and probably the first ones you should attain.

Moving onto Cisco, Citrix, other certifications afterwards are great ideas and give you a chance to showcase an area of greater proficiency.

No certification will hurt you, but as I stated earlier the best foundation you can have is the MCSA/MCSE series. So until you have serious experience with MS servers/clients there isn't really an excuse for not having a MCSA/MCSE.

What MS exams have you done so far? They should take about a month each to bang out. What books are you reading? Do you have a lab?



I've been looking into it myself trying to decide b/t CCNA and MCSA/MCSE...
The easy answer is get both. it looks like the first one to get will be determined by what areas intrest you more, maintaining a server heavy infrastructure or maintaining the routers and switches in said environment. I will probably end up getting a CCNA first because it is being paid for by someone else... hopefully I can then get an employer to take care of the MCSE details...

hope this helped


hi guyz,i m persuing B.E. and i hv juz completed my 4th sem........can u guyz help me out to where i can do minor trainig?it'll b gr8 help

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