I just got a new sony erricon but it was cheap

i got a new sony ericsson k810i a week ago man i am pumped up dancing victory dance

I have a k310i from like 2005 its okay but it only stores about 1 MP3 lol

My phone is old! :P
I got mine for only £20, a couple of years ago!

Extreme off topic -- from monitors to cell phones...

My monitor is only 15" :(

Extreme off topic -- from monitors to cell phones...

sorry i thaight it was the cellphone thread because christina > you said "i like lg and samsung" . woops


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I like my present monitor, it runs at 1280 by 1024 resolution which is ample really, it works well, has low emissions according to a sticker on it, so yeah i don't need to change it till it breaks!
If it ain't broke don't fix it. :)

17 inch LCD at work :)

15 inch CRT at home :(

Ah, well i love my home PC. :)

lol....i kinda cheat a lil here.... since i work within computer shop theres;
17" - Wide and Standard,
19" - Wide and Standard,
22" - Wide,
32" HD TV Monitor, Wide with dual freeview and anologe built in

But at home i got my laptop with a 11.1" Monitor and a 32" HD TV Monitor wall mounted atteched to my main PC :D

i have 7.5" PDA ?

I have a DS, which could be used for internet, and save data, theoretically making it a PC....
That has 2, 3" Screens.