Hi everyone,

After 3 loyal years, I think it's about time to replace my current laptop with a new one. The problem is, there are so many more options around since last time I researched a laptop, I'm not quite as sure where to find the best deal.

I'm not going to be running Windows on this machine--it will get Gentoo as soon as I have the chance to run the installation. Therefore, bundled software packages mean nothing, and if I can eliminate them to save money, so much the better.

Additionally, I want an Nvidia graphics card. Those of you with an ATI card running Linux know why: ATI sucks in Linux.

I don't care about processor speed, but I'd like something modern that will last me another 3+ years easily. I'd also like at least 1GB of RAM. Battery life is paramount, followed by screen size, resolution, and quality. I won't be running games on this machine, so I don't need a powerful graphics adapter.

I don't care about weight, dimensions, or anything like that.


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I just got a dv6000t laptop from HP and am running debian. Its pretty good at gaming. Make sure that on any laptop you get it has a 3945 intel wireless card. There linux friendly. Or how bout a intel mac book pro? They look pretty cool
and my friend has one and likes it.

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