Hello Folks-

A couple of guys here looking for some help with developing our operator service onto the web and into VOIP.

Have not yet talked to anyone who knows exactly what to do, and perhaps the only company that has anything close would be QMobile.

Basically to start we are looking for a way to allow mobile users to activate their account on the web, in order for them to call in to speak to our operators. From there, our operators can perform their daily functions from remote location(s) and all call/TXT activity between callers and operators will be logged and correspond to the web enabled database.

The next question is. Who to talk to from here?

Thanks for reading!

All the best!


I know a company that has experience with designing a web-based application that allows mobile users to register, sync their accounts, and create message settings. This project was done for iTouch, an Australian company that develops software for mobile service providers. I know that what you're looking for is within their realm of expertise. You can contact me for more information at falexander@flexi-word.com