i really don't know what caused the problem. My browser cant anymore play sounds/music, like in youtube. i can see it playing. but there's no sound. During the my windows startup, there's nto starup sound anymore. I tried using other browser like firefox, no effect. i've downloaded the shockwave player and the latest flash player still no effect. But when i try to play music from media player, and itunes. it played. Seems it can't play system sounds anymore.Anybody here who could help me please.

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Same problem after 1 month on a new dell laptop. Sound is ok when playing media player, but no system sounds, no browser sound. Not sure what's common to system sounds and browsers (not flash as you so often see on the message boards for this issue) and not common to media player/itunes.

Dell support couldn't figure it out.
Did you ever fix your problem?

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