Interesting blog here read it.

lol, thats the weirdest thing iv read in my life. thanks

Its not just a new thing. My 699mhz thinkpad with 128mb ram has an internal temp of up to 75 degrees centigrade

that is one reason why I would rather use a tower than a laptop. Laptops become much hotter over continuous use than a tower does, but they are a lot more convenient.

Me too.... jbennet still not getting enough temprature..;)

hehe, i used mine on my lap the other day, had to keep lifting it because me left thigh was getting hot.

same, you gotta be careful with laptops if you are a guy or else you could end up shooting blanks ;)

I told my brother that a little while ago, needless to say he moved to the table sharpish :)

Same. I made my cousin stop smoking by telling him it could affect hs performance ;) (hes 16 so obsessed about that sort of things)