I was using Windows OneCare and now i am not using it at all (i mean i removed it from my system) but i still have backup folder which i want to delete. When i tryed to delet it say i can not delete windows OneCare. So please help me because it took 9 Gb space of my external hard drive.
Thank you

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I had this same problem, and it really pissed me off. Not only does WOC suck, but they're trying to tell me what I can and can't delete on my own computer!
Anyhoo, the fix is a pain in the butt.
There is an easier way by the use of cacls

Use this line as example

If you have a folder on the E drive called Windows OneCare and the folder in it called Backup 2005 has the files in it, then do this:

cacls "e:\Windows OneCare\Backup 2005" /t /g administrators:F

cacls "<drive letter>:\<path>" /t /g administrators:F

Do NOT put a \ after the path

This will strip the permissions from the folder and should allow you to delete it :)
This worked for me. Read and follow carefully.

These are the steps:
single click on WOC
then see left side "share This Folder" Click on it
Then click on Sharing tab
section of Network Sharing and security
share this folder on the network "check that box"
check box "allow network user to change my file"
then click apply
then ok
then select WOC folder and hit DEL
Enter yes
now its gone.

Interesting. but it didn't work for my file which is named "Windows One care backup".
My WOC is about a year old, so I wonder if some changes were made, maybe due to complaints like ours.

My file was named just like your. But i rename as WindowsOneCare. then i delete it. So you will be able to do that.


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Thank you

I found a solution that worked. I am using XP Media edition.
1. Right click on the OneCare directory on the hard drive where the files are stored. It will bring up a selection box.
2. Left click on the properties box.
3. Left click on the Security tab.
4. At the bottom of the screen, click on the Advanced button.
5. Click on the Owner tab.
6. Change the owner to you (pick one of the selections). Essentially, you will be switching ownership of the directory to you.
7. Click the check box at the bottom that says Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.
8. Click OK.

After some time passes, the ownership of the directory and all subdirectories and files switches to you. You can now hit delete on the directory and the directory and all of the subdirectories and files will be deleted.

just a very old fashioned tip but works every time is to use the command processor > and then using dos commands and you can remove almost anything! if you do not know DOS then at the command prompt type HELP /? and youget some help.
I when relly stuck go back to this very old fashioned but very powerful way of kicking windows where it hurts!

yeah im having the same problem getting windows one care off my system ran several uninstall programs to no avail me need help

yeah im having the same problem cant get windows one care to delete off my system and i know nothing about programing etc just ya average home user with alot experience on the home pc

i wish i could get windows one care to delete tried everything it would not delete even uninstall programs

SORRY FOLKS about the same post in this thread was trying to post in another forum here but keeps going here for some reason

hey for some reason i was not able to post in this fourum kept going back to the other one i was at but this is the post i was going to make

yeah im having the same problem cant get windows one care to delete off my system and i know nothing about programing etc just ya average home user with alot experience on the home pc

man im trying to post in the other fourm and its keeps going back to this one WTH

im trying to get windows one care uninstall myself tried every thing i know

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