It's almost reassuring to see a large company make basic mistakes like this - UK toy store Hamley's (one of our best-known retailers, a tourist destination in its own right so I'm told although personally I find it looks a little dated) forgot to renew its domain for a few days.

Inevitably it was infested with ads for a while.

I do wonder what these companies think they're doing. It must be almost a decade since the satire site B3ta registered introducingmonday.co.uk - a consultancy was rebranding as Monday, put a lot of serious corporate stuff on introducingmonday.com but forgot about the UK equivalent - and people are still being caught out.

I'm a self-employed individual and I manage to renew my domains because the registrars send automatic reminders. I have to ask myself, how easy do the registration companies have to make this stuff..?

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They have their reasons for abandoning such a site, come to think of it, is it not the money that they are after ? maybe they found a better option.

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