Even though most people are familiar with Wikipedia, many may not realize that creating a wiki is another social media tactic that business can leverage. Thus, have you used a wiki to build your client's online presence? I have managed a few wikis in the past and it takes time to build and keep it active. It does require lots of user generated content to make it a rich and engaging experience. What do you think?

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Have never had the reason to (my clients are too small to generate enough content for a wiki) but I would love to have the opportunity to try. Hopefully in the future!

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I am not sure how to stick my edits in wiki. I have tried a few times but my edits are removed. Even though they are not hyperlinks or anything, just simple edits. Not sure what could be the reason.

It all depends on the wiki platform as well as the type of membership the wiki has and the admin settings. Perhaps the settings are set in a way that does not allow users to perform the type of edits you want to do.

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