I just read this blog post and could not believe how stupid some people can be. This is a good example of behavior to watch out for in a social network or online community and if you catch people doing it they should be cast out and shunned. Read and be amazed.

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They say the best form of punishment is ostracization so hopefully people take heed

Yes, that thread reminds me a blend between what did and the self promoters on this site.

I worked for a prominent software company in the 90s that was approached by one of their competitors with an offer. The offer was for the competitor to sell their entire operation to my company with the hopes of forming a larger, more powerful company. The offer was made very quietly and in good faith. The president of my company put out an angry press release denouncing the offer. Many at the company were confused until we learned that he was actively working to sell our company to another major software company. Why did he want to be acquired rather than do the acquiring? Because his mentor ran the company he wanted to sell to.

Because of this, any of the employees at who are confused over the events of the last 10 days have my sympathies as I know what they are going through.

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