Here's a tip on getting started successfully with your internet marketing!

Free can set you free...

The powerful word "FREE" is an essential key to gaining subscribers

to your optin list, to your pre-launch membership site, and to gain

popularity with your customers and keep them coming back for more

information. Heck, many well known marketers have started their

fortunes by giving away free tools, products and memberships.

This has a viral effect that resonates throughout the internet community

and can do two things...

1.) You can brand your name

2.) You can gain popularity

If you're new to marketing try giving away a free website/service and

use that leverage by making back end sales through affiliate programs.

This can get you started on the road to making money on the internet.

Just make sure whatever it is you are giving away is a "quality" service

that everyone wants.

Target your specific audience and watch as thousands flock to your

service on a daily basis. It works, it's been proven to work. Use this

powerful method now and get started on your way to success!

Anthony Tomei

like you said, people do love free. but if it is a lame free item. no one will want it.

Yes, it's looks vague, dull, and unclear, I have seen same post by him in few other forums. Moderator should delete this thread as it create bad impact.