Google looks like the next thing it's going to do is take over the world. Or at least, Microsoft. I'm sure you've all heard the rumors about Google creating an operating system, but is it really happening?

I just found this screenshot of a supposedly-leaked upcoming version of GooOS. Kind of stupid, considering that the only thing different from this screenshot was a changed desktop background. So I kinda doubt that some random person of Flickr is going to have the world's newest operating system.

Anyway, if the rumors that we've been hearing are correct, it is supposed to be based on Ubuntu, which was accurately portrayed in the screenshot. However, I think it's got to have that Google touch - you know, Internet-connected, being able to store data on their server instead of your hard drive, etc, etc..

Google's got a wonderful operating system online - Google Mail, Picasa, Blogger, YouNameIt®. So that's why that screenie makes me think it's a fake. Of course, not much was shown, but if it were really Google's next operating system, it should at least show something innovative. You see, to truly be a Google operating system it must integrate its online operating system with a hard-drive based one.

This isn't just going to be one of those endless Ubuntu-modifications, folks. If it does happen, it's going to be huge. Although I don't actually like Ubuntu that much, a lot of it is that it doesn't offer me anything that can't be had by using Debian or some other *nix. If Google does it, it's definitely going to be worth seeing. They're going to add some innovation instead of an endlessly-simplified interface.

Ubuntu isn't bad, but I think it lacks creativity sometimes. You can see that the whole distro is built around making a smooth transition for switchers. Google didn't just simplify things with its search engine, it found something uniquely innovative which revolutionized the search engine. They've continued this with the huge number of online applications they've created, and evolved in a billion-dollar company.

Of course, if Goo (or whatever you want to call it) were to be based on Ubuntu, it would face many of the same problems that Ubuntu faces, such as slow updates, over-simplified interface, etc.. But I'm sure Google could, if they felt so inclined, to create an operating system at least worth trying.

Anyway, enough of me bragging about Google ;) . It might be just another rumor for all we know.

That is just Gnome with a customised menu icon and wallpaper. If google do release an OS it would make most sense to customise a *NIX as most of the groundwork has been done.

The best reason to choose Ubuntu over say Debian (or FC, SuSE, Sabayon etc) is that it offers an unbastardised gnome install with second-to-none hardware detection and comes on one CD. It is my distro of choice at the moment (even though I'm writing this post from a Gentoo box).

Even so, a google OS would be pretty cool. I would think it could be released on ultramobiles as initially proprietary software. Just 100% google handheld, right down to the OS. search, e-mail, surf, all built around thier own operating system.

This operating system, if the handheld idea comes to life, would have to be 100% unique, because they obviously couldn't distribute their own, modified version of *Nix, because they would have to close most of the code, since most of the programs on it would be google secrets.

With regards to the picture. Total fake, yeah, it toes look like a modified Gnome. (I'm more of a KDE man myself. but that's only when i'm not whoring myself out to windows)

You can already get a few Google apps on Linux; Google Earth and Picasa at least. GTalk I think will be the next.

As for the other Google Apps (Sketchup aside) I don't think people are that desperate for ports as Linux already has stable (and open) alternatives eg Google Desktop Search vs Beagle

Google is getting way too intrusive, shortly people will be completely pwn'd by them and that's when they suddenly will realise they can no longer access their own data without paying Google a kingly ransom for it.
In the meantime Google will be analysing all that data and selling it to the highest bidder.

I think google should be more creative and expand their brand and not just capitalize on the popularity of the search engine(despite the picasa, blog, mail system e.t.c). Even though am not exactly a computer expert, I know that surely It will take a lot more than ubuntu's troubled OS and vista's disappointing failure to make the google OS a success [IF AT ALL IT EXISTS!]

Personally, I don't buy it... though who knows, I might be eating my words soon.

From a business standpoint, what sense would it make to work on software that the average user won't use? The reason I say that is, unless Google pre-packages "GooOS" with either a really good build of WINE or VMWare or something along those lines, people who are used to there Win32 applications won't move to a Linux-based operating system.

And I'm talking really really good. It's got to run everything from Word to World of Warcraft, with no weird configurations or tweaking. It has to just work. Otherwise, at the first sign of needing to edit a .conf file, all but the heartiest of users will run screaming and crying back to their most recent flavor of Windows.

Besides, for the same reason I don't have a Gmail account, I wouldn't want an OS designed and implimented by the web's biggest packrat. It's a frightening concept to me: the idea that Google would have direct and unadulterated access to every file on my hard drive. Call me a privacy freak, but there are just some things, no matter how innocent, that I wouldn't want cached by Google. It all just seems very Big Brother-ish to me.

I'm probably wrong (take what I say with a grain of salt) but I believe that a tweaked version of Ubuntu, fondly nicknamed Goobuntu, has been circulating internally among Google employees for some time now. Might be where the rumor got started.

Hey joe,

There were a couple of articles locally about Google Phantom OS ... Google and Yahoo are right down the street...12-20 min away...It was a couple of months ago..A upper managment type .. implied that though employees are using a variant of ubuntu internally .. It was speculation that they are going into operating systems ... but you know how this valley is about rumors.... It could go either way.

Though the thought of google making and OPsys is interesting...

its kinda funny this valley though .. long time ago ... and currenty companies come and go and comeback again... friends work everyplayce trhen come back - raytheon, zilog, farchild, National Semi, Maxim, Creative, Seagate, Quantum, Sandisk Lexar, IBM, APPle, Motorola, Fourpahse.... Just look at a quarter mile street of cupertino ... where they literally grew Aoples, Prunes, Cots (apricots), and the best cherries... well a company named four phase moved in .. then apple ... then motorola, and the rumors were flying and denied when IBM moved across the street from apple and motorola moved out.. An now there growing Apples in Marianis abd Olsens cherry orchard.

This valley was formed on rumors and denials ...

History of Google and Yahoo's properties ...Marshes and Landfills (Swamps and Garbage Dumps) HHHHmmmmmmmm! Maybe that's were jimmy hoffa is buried :)

Google is pretty OK whit me though ... I was treated prety well by them when we did a show for them... and the campus is pretty cool!

I disagree. Ubuntu is perfect for any one who wants to use it, not just people who wan to switch to linux. keep in mind that ubuntu isn't Microsoft and they can't release updates every day.

Yup. Ubuntu just works. Many Linux zealots don't like that, while saying they want the world to use their god in reality they don't want their small exclusive club of configfilehackers to be broken open by people who can just use the OS without spending hours pouring over obscure scripts and configurations to get the simplest thing done.

>in reality they don't want their small exclusive club of configfilehackers to be broken open by people who can just use the OS without spending hours pouring over obscure scripts and configurations to get the simplest thing done.

That's exactly why I don't use Ubuntu :cheesy:. If there's no challenge to using a distro, it takes away all the fun.

masochist :twisted: I just want mine to work so I can do things with them.
Programming, running servers on them, stuff like that. If I need to spend more time getting them running than actually using them there's a good chance of them being thrown against a wall at high speed for one last gratifying shower of parts.

I believe that is the next progression for google. BUt no one knows what google has up its sleeves. Maybe google will own Microsoft or vice versa in the future :)

>That's exactly why I don't use Ubuntu . If there's no challenge to using a distro, it takes away all the fun.

That was my outlook when I was at uni but now I actually need to get some work done :P