The creator of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has switched his concentration to search engines. Jimmy Wales, owner of Wikipedia has decided to create a new wiki style search engine. Instead of using complicated and sometimes obstructive computer algorithms he is going to use people-power to control the rankings of sites up his search.
"At the moment the results returned to those using keywords on sites such as Google are generated by computers which analyse webpages to work out what they are about and how useful they are.

Webpage owners use all kinds of tricks to outsmart the computer indexing systems and ensure their pages appear high up in results - even if they are not relevant to particular keywords. "

This quote is very true and is a very good reason for Mr Jimmy to create his brand new search engine. He is currently recruiting people and buying hardware for his new business venture but unfortunately no dates have been announced. I think it will be very interesting to see where sites fall in the results and whether he can pull it off!!!

Good Luck Mr Wales

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