It looks like the browser wars may be hotting up as Microsoft has fired its salvo - it seems that by storing our previous search behaviors it's going to beat Google at its own game.

I guess this is a different approach. Cuil appears to be trying the 'if it isn't in America we don't care' approach (sorry guys but that's how it looks elsewhere) and now Microsoft is going to have a go at 'we're going to store all of your searches'.

Maybe as a journalist I'm atypical but I have to say that telling your system that I searched for information on luxury watches last week really won't tell you anything about next week's assignment, in which I'm going to be looking for information on Apple v. Microsoft as an operating system. Last week's work is just last week's work for me.

The other issue will be that of civil liberties - is Microsoft allowed, by every territory in which its systems operate, to store search data that people might have thought was confidential?

I can't wait to see the sparks fly around this one.

microsoft definitely doing illegal stuff now. thinking they can save searches. but if they go at it with the thought they are trying to figure out what people are using things for. then maybe itll go over well or atleast better. gosh i just dont know anymore. eh oh well maybe we dont see all the bigger things.

Google stores searches too. I've been trying to convince people about how bad this is. Maybe now that Microsoft has started doing it a wave of anti-MS geeks will help me.