Believe in your work.
SEO won't die that early.
Create quality,informative,unique content.
Do submissions on good quality sites.

Well I don't think so, though the way of doing promotion or building links will become different but SEO will never go extinct in this digital age

Well, about the posts it well written but I don't think that SEO is going to be dead completely because still link building thing is always going to be needed and if Google decides dropping that idea out then I don't really think they will remain on top !

informative, Seo will never END. I totally agree with you. Seo is necessery thing for any site. Seo stratigies is update day by day due to the need of search engines and there users. "thats all"

I agree with what other users said, in regards to the fact that SEO will never end. I believe that SEO is long-term and will continue to change and evolve.

I believe that web and SEO are two sides of coin. So SEO can not be extinct but yes, methodology will change.

I wish all the pointless threads on SEO, BACKLINKS, etc. would go extinct.

rproffitt commented: I wish that too. Why folk post to such old threads with low value answers is well, my bet is they have future plans. Bad plans. +0

As per me the answer is "NO"

I just saw this 6 year old thread about dangers of SEO becoming extinct, and I found it amusing because during last 5-6 years I have seen this question poped on various forums and platforms, and it really astonishes me that SEO instead of dieing, evolved into a proper field of IT & Marketing, and IT companies around the world including GoodCore Software, DCS and others had to maintain entire SEO departments, in order to be on the first page of Google. Though I agree that the SEO of 2019 is completely different from the SEO of 2011 or 2012, as things changed overnight and still its in evolution process, so I don't think that even in 2019 SEO is in any danger of becoming extinct.

SEO is not dying, it is evolving. Nowdays google seems to give better rank to websites that have know Authors. For example - Neil Patel's website, Brian Dean, etc.

i have noticed significate rank improvement after google core update.

Without linkbuilding. All articles are 3000+ word long

In the quest to end spammy, irrelevant, and poor quality sites, algorithms that detect keyword stuffing will severely penalize your ranking or completely erase the result from search engine index. Keyword stuffing used to be great for ranking high in search engines, but now that algorithms are scanning for quality over anything else, you need to change your approach now.

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Is SEO in danger of becoming extinct?

God, I hope so because then we can stop talking about it ad nauseum.

Website owners have long been scared that SEO is dying. But this is not so.

rproffitt commented: I disagree. Those that sell SEO fear such. They have too much to lose. -3