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Believe in your work.
SEO won't die that early.
Create quality,informative,unique content.
Do submissions on good quality sites.

Well I don't think so, though the way of doing promotion or building links will become different but SEO will never go extinct in this digital age

Well, about the posts it well written but I don't think that SEO is going to be dead completely because still link building thing is always going to be needed and if Google decides dropping that idea out then I don't really think they will remain on top !

informative, Seo will never END. I totally agree with you. Seo is necessery thing for any site. Seo stratigies is update day by day due to the need of search engines and there users. "thats all"

I agree with what other users said, in regards to the fact that SEO will never end. I believe that SEO is long-term and will continue to change and evolve.