Hi all,

I was just told by a SEO that if I want to partner up with another company where they recommend my product/services & I refer them & they aren't my competition (clearly LOL) & their biz is opposite to what I do, yet they complement my company, (let's say they run a limo service), that if they put my link on their site or in their ezine, that Google docks me b/c they are not in my industry.

I think she is equaiting this to link farming which I don't see this being the same. I wouldn't be doing this with hundreds of sites, maybe 10-30 b/c obviously we have to build up a relationship in order to recommend.

I have never heard this b4 & wanted to check this out.

Pls. let me know.

Thanks & have a good night :)


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The SEO is wrong.

Tell me, how does Google (which is run by an algorithm) decide wether two sites are related or not?

She said something about link farming being the issue.

Does that make any sense?



The SEO is wrong.

Tell me, how does Google (which is run by an algorithm) decide wether two sites are related or not?

Google can determine if sites are relevant to each other using the same algorythms it uses to find if phrases are searched on.

Michele, you are fine linking to another site if it makes sense, related or not, but be careful not to link out too much to unrelated sites. If a person sees your site and thinks it may be a link farm, then bots will likely read it the same way. If not, you are cool. Whatever you do, don't link out to banned sites.

Also, an inbound link is not bad even if it is from a crappy site.

Somehow I think this is largely a load of rot. If I, for example, have a site promoting the growing of organic vegetables then relevant sites range from sites concerning horse dung through to sites concerning birth defects due to the use of DDT. What Arizona said is mostly right, if it looks right, you should be OK, if it looks like a you are accepting links from anyone, it probably isn't OK. Rememeber, design for humans first, Google second.

Arizona, how? explain. If I mention I like sports cars on my blog does that mean that every motor vehicle site from petrol and oil, to car auctions, etc is instantly relative? An algorithm isn't clever. It can't differentiate. Google doesn't check relativity. If it did, it would be simple to beat.

Yup, that's my whole point Mark.

Link farming is bad. that point is correct. But relativity NEVER has been part of google's algo. The SEO is wrong.

Any link to your site, wether it relates to it or not, is beneficial.

Thanks guys

Have a great wknd.


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