All the submission activities like article submission, directory submission ,product directory submission etc etc ...Does all this add to the increase in the site's page rank.

Give me your thoughts with valid reasons.

Every little bit helps. PR is not the be all and end all of ranking. Some sites with zero PR rank better than sites with PR1+. There are many parameters to ranking and Links is one. Links can be from Article Submission, Directory Submission, Blog posting and commenting, Forum posting and commenting, Social Bookmarking, Press Releases, Link Exchange, in fact any way you can think of to get a back link.

PR0 site with Ranking for keywords -
.Net Certification - No. 3
.Net Certification Courses - No. 3
.Net Certification Training - No. 6
ASP.Net certification - No. 4
ASP.Net certification Courses - No. 5

There are another 20 more keywords.

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[PR0 site with Ranking for keywords -]

Submission is very important in PR but they should be of high quality. Website mentioned by the 1st reply has a lot of high quality backlinks.

Yes, it does really matters. But make sure it's worth submitting for. :)

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