Can anyone help me with the promotion of my site thru off page activities. Can you tell me the list of activities to be perfomed to promote my website on Internet.

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Wrong question. Now you have just incited the linking strategists to tell you a bunch of crap. Don't listen to it!

99% of the best SEO you can get exclusively revolves around working the various web page elements. The off-page factors (links) take care of themselves and are hardly even needed provided you have done the on-page work effectively. By this I mostly am talking about your actual web content.

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Fred is correct; I have to say the SEO of your Web content is whats most important. I do however work on the 1 percent of creating links and when I play flash games I put my websites url on the high score board instead of my nickname. I do not spend to much time doing this because what fred says works! I only had under 100 people seeing my site a month in november. In december I started doing seo in the middle of the month and by the 17th I was getting 40+ people per day. I know that isn't a lot but I only have about 3 pages right now. Anyways this month I estimate that I will have over 1200 unique visits because of SEO. Next month I plan for that to go up to 10 thousand+ in a month because of some stuff I am working on.

Hi ,
to promote your site these are better thing to do like Directory /Articles/Blog/Forum submission ,you can also do link building for promotions...so try to do these all things..

Go for social media sites like digg reditt, and social bookmarking sites, submit in articles, create blogs...

Social Media is the best choice.

Optimize first your site before you proceed to link building.


Can anyone help me with the promotion of my site thru off page activities. Can you tell me the list of activities to be perfomed to promote my website on Internet.

You can do following off-page stuffs:

  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting

There are many off-page ways thru you can promote your website. But, before that i would like to know which is the site you want to promote? Is that the one in your signature?

Building an offsite link directory is okay but one of the worst design flaws in building a Website! You have to aim towards the search engines and then you can go after sites (if you feel that it is neccesary which I don't think you will.) I get plenty of unique visitors a month and most of them come from google.com.

Well, I will assume that the link in ur signature is the site you want to promote. After going thru the site, i do agree with others that you should first need to optimize the web content as well as the keywords. The keywords you have used don't seem to be much effective.

I Have promote your website through Off-page Work. Just as like Directory , Article, Blog, Forum,Review Posting and another extra work do better response for promotion work.

goto google webmaster tools
read the instructionsthat will tell you what works and what does not, and what SEO really is
follow the instructionslots don't
submit the sitewhen set up properly to google yahoo msn ask
Dont submit the site before following the instructions, it is harder to get re-indexed than it is to get indexed
dont waste time on link exchange services, they mostly have a negative effect, search engines know the source of scripts containing those links and treat them with the contempt paid links deserve
do put your sitename in signature blocks on appropriate (related) forums

dont waste time and effort on SEO sites,
ask the search engine,

incidentally google analytics is spyware (asa are yahoo analytics and msn analytics), it attempt to install a script on the users computer without permission record data and send it to a third party, the classic definition of spyware.
google analytics(et al) is explicitly blocked by Spybot's immunize feature and by all the downloadable Hosts files.If you do not see 10 consecutive views to your home page 2 minutes apart from 13:00gmt(me) then the results you get from analytics (et al) are not reliable.
Use serverside logging, if you dont have access to the apache or iis server logs (many inexpensive hosts do not), there are ASP and PHP scripts that run on the server and are not blocked)

Frankly telling, before going for off-page optimization methods you should really optimize your web content and keywords. Without on-page optimization the off-page activities will not take any effect. The keywords you have used are good but it will be better to use a keyword phrases like eye glasses, fashion glasses, designer glasses. Long tail keywords also helps in better SERP.

BTW almostbob, The info you have provided is nice but its in parts. Please fix that so everyone can enjoy it.

Hey Friend,

No Need to tense.

Just start from simple basic steps, like do follow and Page Rank directories, social bookmarking, articles, classified ads, blog commenting per day with a limit..No need to do in excess. One month do this stuff daily to get strong back-links for your website

After one month start Social Media Marketing, Like digg, facebook, reddit etc to invite unique visitors on your website daily.. You will see the good result in Google analytics...


first do proper on page optimization by following the Google rule and the start taking quality backlink to your website.

I totally agreed with Fred. One thing you have to keep in mind that unique or original content is must. You can do it by integrating word press blog in your website. This will also help you to increase the page size of your website. Make sure that you take care of all the broken links and remove duplicate content from your website. Title tags and description of the web pages is another important factor to keep in mind. Once you will do proper on page then, go for off page optimization.

Do all methods of building links for site . like social bookmarking , forums posting blog commenting and other

You can do the do-following submissions for url submissiomns , directory, article , social bookmarking , pressrelease , blogcomments , forum postings , these very important off-page activities, and ensure that at the same time you have to do the on-page very strongly...,

Firstly of all add good quality content to your site because content is king.
Off page techniques to optimize your website are:
Social bookmarking
Directory submission
Article submission
Blog posting
Forum posting

There are number of methods and techniques to rank your website higher in Search Engine. Mainly Off-page optimization and On-page optimization. However, I suggest that you follow off-page optimization methods like blog commenting, forum posting, article submission. Keep in mind that while submitting article, keep the content flesh and unique.

Thanks for sharing, Discussion you views on SEO off page optimization.


Try Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog Comments, Article Submission and many other activities are available to do in OFF page SEO which can help you to increase backlinks as well as search engine ranking.

I think you know what you have to do to promote your site. At least you signature proves that you know how to promote your site.

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